wax faqs

Skin Elixir uses high quality French Hibiscus wax for a gentle, smooth, deplitory experience.

How often should I have waxing done?

We recommend anywhere from 3-6 weeks or when the hair is between 1/4 and 1/2 inch long.

How long do I have to let my hair grow?

You must let your hair grow in for at least 3 weeks if you have shaved in order to get a good wax. This should be about a half of an inch, but the longer the better! The more follicles/roots we can pull, the cleaner the wax, the longer it is going to last and the happier you are going to be! The “grow out” stage is often the most difficult step, but the longer the hair is, the cleaner the waxing will turn out.

Does it hurt?

It hurts more the first time than any other time because you are pulling out 100% of the hair, your nerves are on edge, and you don’t know what to expect. You will experience a quick, temporary sting that stops hurting right away. By far the worst part for most people is the anticipation, not the actual removal! Follow all the tips we give you and you will be fine. Your second time will be so much EASIER!

How long does waxing last?

Waxing may last 3 to 4 weeks. The more you do it, the longer it will last. We recommend absolutely NO SHAVING in that area between waxes. Shaving traumatizes the hair follicle and creates redness and ingrowns.

I am on my cycle can I still get waxed?

Yes. If you are on your cycle just wear a tampon and be prepared to be a little more sensitive than usual. Same goes for the few days before your cycle as well.

What if I am pregnant, can I still get waxed?

Yes. You may be a little more sensitive than usual, but we regularly wax mothers-to-be up to a week before their due date! In fact, scheduling a “pre-childbirth Brazilian” is becoming almost as popular as packing an overnight bag for delivery!

Can medication effect waxing?

Yes! You CANNOT be waxed if you are taking any antibiotics, Accutane, Differin, or Retin A. Additionally, any medications that list “sun sensitivity” on the list of symptoms will preclude you from being waxed. You should also avoid waxing while using glycolic acid, harsh exfoliants or any facial peels.

Can I tan before or after my waxing?

We recommend that you do not tan before or at least 24 hours after. Also, don’t come in with a spray tan because the wax will exfoliate your tan right off! If necessary, it is OK to spray tan after waxing once the waxed area has had a few hours to recover.

Will waxing make my hair grow back thicker, darker or heavier?

No, it will not. Waxing removes the hair by the root, often weakening the root in process. Therefore, if anything, waxing may make the hair finer and sparser with repeated regular waxing.