SELBY founder of Skin Elixir .

An educator in holistic living, yoga and skin care is just the beginning of who she is.

Known as a skin alchemist, Selby delivers a holistic and scientific approach to long-term skin health.

For over two decades, her clients have achieved visible results from her apothecary for skin transformation. Selby uses her years of studying anatomy, yoga, Ayurveda, and body-mind centering to lend personalized treatments and self care remedies. Her research and training include a broad range of advanced esthetics studies and modalities.

Selby’s much sought after Microcurrent facials and body treatments, use fine electrical currents to stimulate and build circulatory pathways, inducing deep relaxation and clarity through the many reflexology and marma points to bring tissues to a younger, healthier function.

Her study of skin histology has led her to select the most effective advanced technologies and skin care products for her clients, including microcurrent, oxygen therapy, microdermabrasion and LED stem light therapy.

In addition to advanced studies Selby has trained and earned certification from the esteemed founder of Epicuren®, Dr. Robert Hyman. Her knowledge of Epicuren® products, treatments, and philosophy has earned her recognition as a leading Epicuren ®expert. Selby has continued advanced esthetics training with innovative skin care under IS Clinical® and Osmosis MD®  pure medical skincare that has brought her knowledge to a deeper level.

All these innovative  products  can be found in her skin care boutique .

Selby is an active native Californian. She understands the damaging effects of sun exposure. Her research has led her to provide clients with effective ways to care for sun-exposed skin. Her multi-faceted approach to skincare is also influenced by her work as a celebrity stylist. She’s  traveled extensively with her clients, learning how to manage skin conditions induced by dietary changes, fluctuations in climate, and travel fatigue. Her trademark “Elixir Go” program offers busy clients with a simple but effective way to bring health and beauty into their active lives

 Selby’s clients thrive from her wholehearted belief in the power of self-care to heal and radiate true inner beauty.

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