zen elixir harmony 

The zen of letting go of attachment and making decisions . Relax and allow our in house skin expert create a customized  treatment facial or package,  best suited for you .

skin elixir signature fusion of harmony and remedy  is customized  to your specific needs.  Combination effect, using a series of masks, infused with ultimate vitamins, enzymes, and serums, to promote a custom layering effect . The result is alive, hydrated synergies and a ZEN blissed-out state.

60 minute  $200

ADD ON :  light stim therapy LED $240

perfecting radiance

 Microcurrent, firming, tightening, and overall brightening.

 Exfoliation techniques including microdermabrasion, blading or varied peels. Accompanied with microcurrent and antioxidant mask’s that  provide superior protection against free radicals.  Activating synergy to rejuvenate skin and reverse the visible signs of skin aging. The skin looks and feels younger with radiance and elasticity.

60/ 80 minutes

 $300/ $350

remedy boost and balance

Osmosis MD. radiance

Beautiful skin starts within. Recapture your natural radiance. Osmosis MD fusion merges with the epidermis, stimulating new cell turnover. This Multi modality function of nourishing, healing and treating the skin has a special ability to combat whether, dullness and lift hyper pigmentation .

This infusion treatment is a multi action stem cell boost, Engaging the Medi- vita-pen pro tool . 

Encourages brightening  , distributes and Intensifies  hydration. Ultimately relaxing and rejuvenating  facial  with exceptional results .


60 min  $240

add on

Microcurrent  80 min  $350

LED       $380


Is Clinical super serums 

Alchemy facial is a sweet blend of honey, Brazilian  blood orange, and botanical enzymes fused together with Age defying salicylic micro exfoliation beads, rich refreshing ice radiant masks . Ultimately Joined with Is Clinical signature super serums. Illuminated , drenched and beautifully hydrated.

 60 minute $150 $200

ADD ON  Microcurent/ LED  80 minutes $250 $300

epic remedy renew

epicuren radiance renew 

Pure potent antioxidant power, restoring skin’s natural radiance. Hydrating masks all natural skin care by Epicuren Discovery. This facial provides superior protection and activates synergy to rejuvenate, radiate and renew.

This unique enzyme system is the skin elixirs delux Epicuren double mask tightening facial. This includes a  cinnamon hot peel, layered with the calm restore mask .  Saturated with potent B  complexes, and signature 6 step enzyme serums.

This delux skin treatment has the Reputation as the “facelift” facial. Great for a photo shoot, red carpet, pre wedding or a personal good vibration day.

 *This treatment aligns brilliantly with both the, “miracle machine” microcurrent  system and state of the art Light stim LED therapy unit.

60 minute  $150  

add :Microcurent and  LED  -80 minute facial $ 300

elix a fix

clarify blast

breakouts, hormonal 

A clarifying series of exfoliation, gentle extractions of impurities, refinishing peel and correcting masks, allow a calm harness with pure potent antioxidant power of corrective, even skin tone, and restores skin’s natural radiance.

45 minutes/ $84

ADD ON:  LED  60  minutes/ $150



Z E N          

 NEW  zen elixir customized cameo facials. Have a new spin,                     as easy as 1 2 3.

This bright new new series of skin remedies  are set up for the new wave of cleanliness and comfort. Now offering a new solution for facials and skin care .

  1.  your price
  2.  your time
  3.  book now

skin elixir offers the most dedicated direction for relaxing remedies and result oriented transformation in skin care .

Our expert skin care specialist selby has a focussed and efficient approach.

you choose your comfortable quantum allowance,  and a customized  skin care maintenance  package well be developed personalized  for you.

All ZEN elixir treatments follow the same specialty product lines:         Osmosis m.d., epicuren & Is Clinical .

   45, 60, & 80 minute facials are now experienced on the top of the treatment table.

This is a change we are making at skin elixir to be conscious  and conserve our planets precious resources . Water, energies, new improved state of the art sterilized methods are  continually being updated with new current versions.

No need to dis robe, feel free to wear loose clothing to relax and unwind.

Facial services focus and concentrate on the cameo customized  facial.   face and neck massage included .  these treatments well , leave you in a blissed-out state.

price choice

45 minute facials-choose your price: $85   $110   $120

60 minute facials-choose your price :  $150  $180  $220  $260   $280

80 minute facials-choose your price :  $300   $320   $350

your favorite facials are still here, if you  know what your looking for, just name it!

a l c h a m y



remedy boost & balance

perfecting radiance


add in your booking notes if you prefer to include one of these products below –

Brow design

Brow tint

lash tint



Light stim   LED

add on

MEDI-pen pro & Vit A peel 45

LED   stem light  40

Peels   60-84

Exfoliation  tool   44

Brow design   44

Brow tint   18

Brow clean up   25

Lip wax   12

Microdermabrasion   40

Microcurrent gloves 50

Microcurrent   110

Oxygen 40

Eyelash tint   40