microcurrent packages

  face and body

  •  elixir skin gym custom treatment package. personalise your goals.
  •  body & face 1 hour face and body combo
  •  express  series 6 treatments.  30 minute  $570 special. ($100 off)
  •   ½ & ½  series 3 express & 3 full facials $930 ($200 off)
  •  combo micro & led-6 treatments  45 min, $840  ($160 off)

microcurrent lift facial

The electrical stimulation strengthens facial muscles and improves microcirculation, enhancing skin’s elasticity and promoting a radiant, and healthy glow. This treatment uses Microcurrent technology and electrical stimulation to effectively lift and firm skin, smooth away fine lines and wrinkles and leaves skin velvety soft.

30 / 60 / 80 minute

$110. 240. 300.

Selby’s much sought after Microcurrent Facials, are unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

  •   Skin elixir uses Neurotris SX4500. The top anti-aging microcurrent technology system.
  •   Output power signal generators yielding immediate results with “platinum nano” second generation microcurrent .
  •   Selby’s certification, technique and experience has shown the ability to stimulate and build circulatory pathways in the face, and body.
  •  Inducing deep relaxation and clarity through the many reflexology and marma points which relate to the entire body.
  •  This output has the ability for both sculpting, toning the face and body . Using  fine electrical currents, strategically applied, to bring tissues to a younger, healthier function.
  • The applications are sub-sensory while the gentle rhythmic patterns of microcurrent are applied to the face & body to organize, strength, balance and toning tissue.
  • This treatment offers an non-invasive approach to improve and return to a youthful appearance.
  • The experience is wonderfully relaxing and euphoric.
  •  Noticeable results begin immediately.
  •  repeat weekly to start a fast result.
For the love of skin, wellness and self care. Taking care of ourselves in a holistic manner. There is a magical quality about selby’s skincare approach . 
 Selby explains 6  good reasons why microcurrent facials can change your skin and overall wellness.
  1. ATP increase by approximately 500 percent during the course of a treatment, flooding tissue with sub-cellular support and creating an environment that helps to clear stagnation and balance the fluids and membranes. This increases the cell membrane permeability and the health of the skin and tissue
  2. Stimulates the sub-circulatory channels, which run throughout the entire body.Microcurrent can balance and amplify the intelligence of vital junctures, where two or more tissues interface, as keys to subtle sub-circulatory systems which offer immediate access to  the body as a whole. There are points on the surface of the body that can be used to detoxify tissue and as diagnostic tools. Microcurrent can enhance the adaptogenic qualities of these points, stimulating the body’s biochemistry to produce exactly what one needs to strengthen and to heal ,aligning body, mind and consciousness.
  3. Natural collagen and elastin production.Ones age, health, and self-care strategies, will influence the percentage of increase over a given time period. Some reports boast 10-15 %  in collagen production and even up to a 50% increase in elastin production in just a few weeks time.
  4. Product penetration, circulation, reduced acne, acne scarring and fine lines. Microcurrent supports the tissues ability to process information, including nutrients, increasing the efficacy of topical products. There is also a specific application of microcurrent that is used to drive products into deeper layers of skin. (*Research shows that having a reserve of ATP encourages collagen and elastin formation which can soften pigmentation ,fine lines, scar tissue and mitigate inflammation and  discoloration. This triggers lymphatic drainage and over time dramatically clarifies fluids and increases blood circulation.)
  5. Balancing tone and energy clearing .This delicate current is a simulation of the vibration of the human body. It galvanized proprioception, helping the cells become aware of themselves and increasing the communication between the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones.
  6. Microcurrent enhances coherency in the various layers of tissues as well as     the peripheral and central nervous system.